Odean White
Chief Risk Officer


The Corporate Risk Management Department (CRMD) supports the Board and Management in the design and implementation of the Bank’s risk management strategies and objectives, which is tailored to support the Bank’s business model and activities in fulfilling its mandate. The department enables the development and deployment of risk management strategies, policies, procedures and systems across the Bank through active engagement of ‘risk owners’ and ‘risk champions’.


CRMD coordinates and drives the processes to identify, measure, monitor, control or mitigate, treat and report on financial, non-financial and compliance risk exposures across the Bank. This is with a view to manage the risks inherent in the Bank’s operations within the prescribed risk appetite/tolerances, as well as to foster a positive risk culture throughout the organization.


The department carries out its operations consistent with contemporary risk management practices and standards, utilizing risk measurement methodologies and executing periodic risk assessments of key risk exposures and key risk indicators. The Bank’s key risk exposures are brought to the attention of management to establish or strengthen controls in place to mitigate these risk exposures.

Additionally, CRMD works alongside business units and management-level committees to ensure soundness of controls and robust risk monitoring mechanisms are in place to adequately treat with ‘intolerable’ risk exposures.


The Chief Risk Officer is tasked with the overall design, implementation and oversight of the Bank’s risk management strategies and practices to ensure that exposures to existing, emerging or new risks are, as best as possible, contained within the Bank’s risk appetite/tolerances.


Through the Chief Risk Officer, the Corporate Risk Management department reports functionally and administratively to the Governor and has access to the Audit and Risk Committee – of the Board and the Board. The Department provides regular reports or updates on the implementation of risk management policies and the treatment plans of key risks relative to the Bank’s risk appetite/tolerance levels.

The department also provides quarterly reports to the Risk Management Committee – a management level committee which is chaired by the Senior Deputy Governor, as well as periodic reports/updates to the Bank’s Investment Committee, Pension Management Committee, Committee of Administration and Management Committee on material changes to, or developments in the Bank’s corporate risk profile.


The Corporate Risk Management Department subscribes to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards adopted by the Bank, namely ISO 31000:2018 (Risk Management – Guidelines) and 22301:2019 (Business continuity management systems – Requirements). CRMD is guided by the standards and codes of conduct stipulated by recognized professional organizations, including the Institute of Risk Management, Society of Actuaries, Chartered Financial Analysts Institute, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission and the Global Association of Risk Professionals.