Financial Sector

Commercial Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions, Merchant Banks, Monetary Authorities, Money & Capital Markets, Payment Systems, Other Financial Corporations

BOJ Vault - USD

External Sector

Balance of Payments, Foreign Direct Investments, International Investment Position, International Reserves, Remittances


Foreign Exchange

FX Selling Rates, Foreign Currency Accounts, FX Flows of Authorised Dealers & Cambios


Interest Rates

Bank of Jamaica, Building Societies, Commercial Banks, Merchant Banks, Government of Jamaica, Private Money Markets


Real Sector

Consumer Price Indices, Inflation


Enhanced General Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS)

Advance Release Calendar, National Summary Data Page, Depository Corporations

money stats

Financial System Data

Balance Sheet Data for Deposit-taking Institutions, Unaudited Prudential Returns & Assets & Liabilities, FMI Statistics, etc.


Data Query

Data series are disseminated by the Statistics Department of the Bank of Jamaica. Submit your data needs or queries via our Data Query Form