Bank of Jamaica research papers on Financial Stability are listed below.

Identifying Asset Price Bubbles – An Application to the Jamaican Asset Markets (2019)793.5 KBThe Effect of Capital Flows on Key Financial Stability Measures in Jamaica (2018)1.5 MBPredicting Bank Failures in Jamaica a Logistic Regression Approach (2018)1.2 MBStructure and Stability of the Jamaican Payment System (2016)1.2 MBAn Early Warning System for Economic and Financial Risks in Jamaica (2017)2.3 MBApplication of the Government of Jamaica Zero – Coupon Curve to Modelling Yield Curve Risk (2017)832.4 KBEstimating & Forecasting Default Risk Evidence from Jamaica (2017)1.0 MBConstructing Residential Real Estate Price Indices for Jamaica (2016)1.1 MBMeasuring Systemic Risk A Single Aggregate Measure of Financial System Stability for Jamaica (2016)1.0 MBPerforming Macro – prudential Scenario Analyses of Jamaica (2015)972.4 KBContagion Risk in the Jamaican Financial System (2015)1.2 MBDoes Revenue and Loan Portfolio Diversification Improve (2015)994.4 KBThe Absorption Ratio as an Indicator for Macro-prudential Monitoring in Jamaica (2015)898.2 KBFinancial Stress the Impact on Economic Activity Evidence from Jamaica (2013)810.7 KBInsolvency Risk in the Jamaican Banking Sector and its Implications for Financial Stability (2013)1,017.5 KBInvestigating the Interactions between Capital Buffers, Credit and Output Growth Evidence from the Jamaican Banking Sector (2013)699.3 KBPolicy Lessons from Postmortems of Jamaica Two Recent Debt Exchanges (2013)350.3 KBCredit Risk and the Macroeconomy Evidence from Jamaican Data (2012)356.5 KBInvestigating the Relationship between Economic Factors and Bank Efficiency (2012)1.0 MB