Results for Bank of Jamaica Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit
BOJ 7.50% FR 30D – CD 20230203

Applications were opened on Wednesday, 01 February 2023 by Bank of Jamaica for the allocation of JMD 23,000,000,000.00 of BOJ 7.50% FR 30D-CD 20230203 through a competitive price auction. The issue date for the successful allotments is Friday, 03 February 2023.  

The results from the auction are as follows:

Instrument Name: BOJ 7.50% FR 30D – CD 20230203
Total Bids Received   250
Total Value of Bids Received$23,379,920,000.00
Total Offer Amount$23,000,000,000.00
Total Successful Bids247
Total Allocated Bids$23,000,000,000.00
Average Yield for Successfully Allocated Bids:9.90%
Average Price for Successful Bids ($):$99.76
Lowest Submitted Bid Rate (%) / Amount (JMD)8.50% / $493,632,000.00
Highest Submitted Bid Rate (%) / Amount (JMD)15.00% / $100,000,000.00
Highest Bid Rate for Full Allocation (%) / Amount (JMD)11.50% / $50,000,000.00
Bid Rate for Partial Allocation11.75%
Partial Allocation Percentage82.43%

The total nominal outstanding amount for the 30-day CDs on the settlement date – 03 February 2023, will be J$99,544,342,000.00

The next auction is scheduled for Wednesday, 08 February 2023.

Post Author: Editorial Team