Bank of England (BOE) will withdraw legal tender status of £20 and £50 paper banknotes on 30 September 2022. After this date, only polymer banknotes will be legal tender. However, Bank of Jamaica will continue to exchange the £20 and £50 paper banknotes following the usual verification of the authenticity of the notes and customer due diligence, as required by the Bank’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy and operating procedures.

The Bank accepts all foreign currencies for which it publishes a counter rate.  A listing of these is available on our website: BOJ Counter Rates » Bank of Jamaica. Therefore, until otherwise advised, Bank of Jamaica will continue to accept these £20 and £50 paper banknotes for exchange at its banking counters. For further details on the BOE’s action, please see Paper £20 and £50 note withdrawal | Bank of England ).  

Post Author: Editorial Team