Results for Bank of Jamaica B-FXITT Flash Sale Operation

Today, Thursday, 18 April 2024, Bank of Jamaica offered for sale US$30.00 million to Authorized Dealers and select Cambios through a B-FXITT Flash Auction. The institutions that were successful at the auction are:

InstitutionSuccessful Allocation (US$ mil)Settlement Price
JMMB Bank (Jamaica) Limited 6.00 155.91
Sagicor Bank Jamaica Ltd5.00155.91
National Commercial Bank Ja. Ltd. 4.00 155.91
Victoria Mutual Building Society3.40155.91
JN Bank Limited1.10155.91
Bank of Nova Scotia Ja. Ltd.1.00155.91
JMMB Securities Limited5.00155.91
Barita Investments Limited2.00155.91
Wintraders Limited1.50155.91
Mayberry Investments Limited1.00155.91

Post Author: Editorial Team